CEO, Maviance PLC

Dr. -Ing. Nkwenti Azong-Wara

The story began ten years ago in Germany. Nkwenti Azong-Wara was then an engineer at Siemens. In 2012, together with other Cameroonian engineers working in Germany, they decided to create Maviance, to facilitate digital payments for companies in their native country. The Company is growing rapidly and is now a pioneer in the provision of digital financial services and trading software, the best known of which is the digital payment plateforme Smobiplay, which has been active since 2012. After serving as deputy director for nine years, Nkwenti Azong-Wara was appointed managing director at Maviance in January 2021. His arrival as the head of the company was quickly followed by the fundraising of $3 million from the Pan-African fintech MFS Africa, to fund its expansion into other African countries.

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      Panel 2 : Leveraging Technology to improve financial services customer experience.